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09.28.2016 | Project JUST — a third-party certifier — reports on the ethics and operations of apparel brands by releasing “JUST-Approved” shopping guides. Criteria for inclusion as a recommended brand include business transparency, sustainability, labor conditions and environmental impact. The Project JUST team also weighs in on products’ style and fit. 

If Your Jeans Are Cheaper Than This, You’ve Got A Problem

06.16.2016 | Project JUST, a website that empowers consumers with information on how their clothes are made, just released its first JUST APPROVED guide. For this debut list, JUST did a deep dive into the world of denim, and came up with four brands, plus one honorable mention, that are doing everything right to create jeans that are non-toxic, in safe conditions, using less water, by people paid a fair wage, among other feel-good things. 

JUST Approved : 5 Ethical Denim Brands to Buy

06.03.2021 | Ethical fashion organization Project JUST launched its first guide of JUST Approved denim brands. From a list of over 111 user submissions, an expert committee selected Kings of Indigo, Mud Jeans, Nudie Jeans and Patagonia; Project JUST also awarded Levi’s an honorable mention.

Project JUST puts a spotlight on supply chain transparency

03.02.2022 | The ProjectJUST initiative adds an extra dimension by distilling information for the consumer, providing a quick and easy-to-use tool to check a brand’s manufacturing practices and ethics.

Bangladesh and Beyond: Project JUST Inspires Ethical Shopping

02.23.2016 | Rooted in the belief that transparency creates understanding, which in turn inspires real change through the accumulation of small choices we make every day, JUST empowers shoppers with data and storytelling to shift demand towards positive practices and ethical brands.

Fashion renewal

02.2016 | By publishing supply chain information from clothing giants like H&M and Zara, Project JUST is aimed at shifting consumer demand towards more ethical production standards by making brands accountable for their manufacturing. 

Find out if your high-street clothes are ethically made

01.05.2021 | ProjectJUST gives you the option to search for your favourite brands, and review their reputations for transparency, working conditions, environmentally-friendly policies and social responsibility.

This Company Wants to Save the World With Fashion

12.31.2015 | The end goal is to hopefully inspire – or, as Natalie describes it with more oomph, “empower” – girls to make more socially and environmentally conscious purchases.

8 Things You Need To Know Today (December 29)

12.29.2015 | Want to know how ethical your favorite clothing brands are? New website Project JUST is a forum for consumers to research fashion brands’ manufacturing policies, and environmental and social impacts, all while aiming to bring transparency to the industry.

This New Site Shows You What Goes on Behind-the-Scenes at Your Favorite Clothing Stores

12.24.2015 | Grillon and AlShehail hope that by publicizing these companies’ practices, they’ll begin to take accountability for their behind-the-scenes actions and that from there, shoppers will make more informed decisions.

This New Site Reveals How Your Clothes Were Really Made

12.23.2015 | Project JUST is uniquely focused on creating a space to spur ongoing conversation between shoppers, fashion brands, and industry activists about the topic, versus being primarily an information source for customers. .

Project JUST Database Launches To Boost Sustainable, Ethical Fashion Choices

12.23.2015 | People had this realization that it wasn’t just a nice-to-have for these stories, it was an absolute necessity. We needed to have transparency behind how our clothing is made so that we can champion these beautiful brands, and also make more informed decisions with our other purchases.

Finally, the fashion resource we’ve been looking for: Project JUST

12.14.2015 | A sorely missing piece of the puzzle when it comes to sustainable and ethical fashion, this platform is a beautiful wiki for ethical fashion issues.

What’s the Story Behind Your Leather Jacket?

12.10.2021Founded by Natalie Grillon and Shahd AlShehail, Project JUST aims to share the stories of the workers who create, design, and harvest the materials that go into a garment with those who purchase it.

Project Just Launches Online Platform to Aid Supply Chain Transparency

12.10.2021Project JUST will be a key factor in distilling that information so that shoppers can start shifting to better practices.

Is your $40 skirt hurting the environment?

05.27.2015 | Project JUST, currently in beta, is one social enterprise hoping to make it easier for consumers to see the full story of how their clothes came to be.

Saudi entrepreneur spreads the word and gives back

01.25.2015 | It was when Ms AlShehail and Ms Grillon discussed their experiences that they developed the idea for Just, a social enterprise they set up together a little over a year ago.

Fair threads

11.2014 | … two enterprising female philanthropists are trying to insert transparency into the industry with the launch of JUST.

05.22.2014 | New start up JUST, co-founded by Shahd Al-Shehail and Natalie Grillon, is hoping to fill that link by connecting suppliers with designers and consumers, trying to make the supply chain more transparent