Where did my jumper come from? On the case with Detective O’Malley

The suspect: A jumper/sweater (depending on where you live)


The clues: A tag that says Made in China


The substance: According to witnesses the suspect was black and white and made of 37% wool, 22% cotton, 20% nylon, 15% viscose, 3% angora and 3% cashmere (phew)


The mission: To find out where the suspect has been in the days and weeks leading up to my purchase of it. Was there anything dodgy going on?



I scan the website for information on suppliers. No love.



I read through the Annual Report to see if there is any supplier name-dropping going on. While there is a whole lot of exceptionally interesting information for shareholders (snooze), there is nothing on any of the company’s suppliers.



I send a very cordial email to the nice company people asking them to divulge any information they may have on the origins of the suspect. Will they provide an alibi for the jumper/sweater (depending on where you live)?



I google company name* + supplier


*The name of the company has been changed to protect the identity of the suspect.



So close but yet so very very far. I come across what looks to be a potential lead, only to find it is a Chinese fishing net exporter. No clothing here. The disappointment is soul destroying. No matter, I shall press on.



I google company name + factory disclosure. Zip zilch nada nothing.



I google company name + China



I google company name + China + supplier



I cry a bit and wait for one of the nice company people to email me back.


1 Week Later

Radio silence. Those nice company people have not got back to me yet. They must be very busy. I write them another cordial email reminding them that I am patiently waiting for a reply and would greatly appreciate any information they could give me. I am pretty nice about it. I will give them a few more days. I know how busy people are these days.


2 Weeks Later

I think it’s fairly safe to say that I gave it a good shot. I don’t think the nice company people are going to return my email. Sad face. Is it something I said?

At this point, all investigative avenues have been exhausted. I resign myself to the fact that this is just going to be one of those cases. And it hurts.


Case Status: Unresolved, Cold Case


While I knew that it was going to be a tough case to crack, I’m a little disappointed at my inability to find anything close to clue. The cold case file is a little thin.

This is a perfect example of how hard it is to find information about the clothes/suspects we wear and their whereabouts in the days and weeks leading up to our purchase. Who knows, maybe someday someone somewhere will give us the clues to solve more of these types of cases, and fashion related crime rates will start to drop.

But until that day (looks longingly off into the distance)…