One of the most interesting but challenging pieces while building Project JUST was thinking through how to make our platform as easily accessible, transparent and user friendly as possible.
We recognize that it will take all kinds of us – shoppers, brands, industry experts, makers, non-profits, journalists, academics – to shift the status quo. And we’re excited to invite all of you to engage with Project JUST. We feel like there’s something here for everyone, and have put together a few tips to keep in mind while browsing through the platform.




If you search our platform and find your brand, please let us know if all the information we’ve included is correct and up to date. If you’d like to contribute or need anything changed, please feel free to comment on our page, or send us an email with the updated information.

We also welcome brands to join the conversation – please send us an email to include a comment or a quote if you would like your voice to be reflected on your page.

If you don’t see your brand on our platform, but would like to be featured on Project JUST, please send us an email and we’ll be in touch soon. In the meantime, please feel free to browse through the platform to see the kind of information we showcase on other brands.



We’ve made a conscious decision to make the information and data on Project JUST available for anyone to browse, comment on and download. Not only to we want to be fully transparent about where our research comes from, but we’d also love for reporters, academics and other institutions to verify and use the information in different ways.

Whether you’re an investigative journalist who wants to further investigate or support a brand, or a designer who’s interested in visualizing the industry, or an institution looking for data to support a case study – we really encourage you to download the information, question it and add your voice to the conversation.

If you’d like to contribute your research, please feel free to comment on our brand pages, or email us directly at [email protected].



If you’re a maker, search through our catalog to see if any of the brands you produce for are listed, and let us know if the information we have on them sounds right to you. We’d love for you to share your experiences – both positive and negative – working with the brands you supply to, by either commenting on the brand’s page or adding your voice to the Voices section by sending us an email. If you would like to send us any media files – photos, sound bytes or videos – that you feel will further illustrate your experience of working with the brand, please email them to us, as well.

If you don’t see any of the brands you work with on our catalog, but would like to be featured on Project JUST – we’d love to have you! Please get in touch with us over email and we’ll find the best way for you to join our platform and make your voice heard.



As a shopper, we really believe that you have the power to shift the industry by voting with your wallet. To this end, we encourage you to use the platform to dig deeper into the supply chain practices of the brands you shop at, or plan to. The next time you’re thinking about shopping, browse through our catalog to search for brands you’re interested in.

Flip through the tabs under Data to see what the brand is doing under the 8 vectors we’ve identified (read more about them here). Click through the links to view the sources of our information, and if you’re really intrigued, download the data set to view all the information we’ve researched on the brand. Scroll further down to Voices to see what both people in the industry are saying about the brand, as well as the brand itself.

If you’d like to contribute or correct any of the information we have on the brand, please send us your thoughts either by commenting on the brand page, or by sending us an email. If you don’t see a brand that you’d like to know more about, please send us a request by clicking on the Submit a Brand link at the end of the catalog.

Finally, if you think this is something a friend or colleague would be interested in – please share it with them! And if you have any suggestions or feedback about how we can make this platform more useful to you, we would love to hear from you via email.



Here’s a quick run-through of what to look out for while using the Project JUST platform.