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As of January 31, 2022 operate a total of 481 stores in the US and Canada, 356 stores outside of the US and Canada and 244 smaller sized concessions in Asia and Europe.

/ The brand has 13,700 employees: 8000 in US / 5700 foreign/ 3700 stores.

/ Their annual revenue is $24.17 Billion

/ We don’t know how many garments the brand makes annually, nor how many collections they release.

/ The brand doesn’t publish a public list of suppliers, or countries where suppliers are located.

/ We don’t know if they are able to trace their supply chain.

/ The brand doesn’t share the impact of its supply chain. It generally shares only what it is doing to improve operations and practices.

/ According to Ceres in 2014: shareholders request Guess to publish a comprehensive sustainability report

/ The brand communicates in their annual report that they are committed to sourcing responsibly

  • We are committed to sourcing our products in a responsible manner, respecting both the countries in which we conduct business and the business partners that produce our products.


/ We have no information about their code of conduct or any policies to support the labor in their supply chain.

/ Good Guide ranked them a 4 out of 10 (rated in the bottom 50% of brands socially and environmentally).

/ We have no information about their environmental efforts.

/ Good Guide ranked them a 4 out of 10 (rated in the bottom 50% of brands socially and environmentally).

/ According to a 2012 report from Greenpeace: they discovered a wide range of hazardous chemicals in the wastewater of two of Mexico’s biggest denim factories. These factories have current or recent relationships with brands including Levi’s, Calvin Klein, Guess, Gap, Louis Vuitton Moët Hennessy, and Walmart.




We have no information about any of their future plans or innovations.  

We have no information on any community effort.


According to a proxy statement filed for the 2014 fiscal year, former CEO and Vice Chairman at GUESS INC. Paul Marciano made $14,146,283 in total compensation.

According to Forbes in July 2015, there are disputes and clashes due to inconsistent management styles between the brothers.

/ The brand appointed Victor Herrero, former head of Asia Pacific at Inditex, as new CEO to turn around its core business in 2015, with an increased focus on in Asia. According to regulatory filings, Herrero’s base is $1.2 million, with an entitlement to $2-million signing bonus and performance-based bonuses.


/ We have no information about any efforts they have done to innovate. Do you? 



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