Express worked with 91 different community projects through Besa in 2014.

The company has a “(Minus the Leather)” Line available on their website, with 57 items tagged.


The brand cannot trace its entire supply chain and does not share a complete list of supplier names and addresses.

Express does not report having any goals for decreasing impact of its supply chain.

The brand does not guarantee a livable wage to supply chain employees.

The brand does not use sustainable materials.

Express operates over 641 stores in the US, Canada, and Puerto Rico and 34 franchise locations in Latin America and the Middle East as of January 31, 2015.

/ The brand reports that it has approximately 18,000 employees.

/ The annual revenue for Express in 2014 was US $2,165,481,000.

/ Express uses about 60 manufacturers that use about 285 facilities located in approximately 20 countries. The top 5 countries the merchandise is sourced from are China, Indonesia, Vietnam, Sri Lanka, and the Philippines.

/ We do not have information on:

  • how many collections the brand produces
  • how many people the brand employs through their supply chain
  • how many garments the brand manufactures yearly
  • how long the products are designed to last
  • the lead times for its products

/ Express does not share a complete list of suppliers countries, only the top 5 countries containing their suppliers is reported. The brand also does not share supplier names or addresses.

/ It is not reported whether or not Express can trace its entire supply chain.

/ The brand does not communicate the environmental impact of their supply chain.

/ Express makes several social and labor policies publicly available on their website.

/ The brand does not communicate current efforts to improve the social impacts of its supply chain, the environmental impact of the supply chain, or how they plan to improve its supply chain social or environmental impact.

/ The brand has a code that addresses labor standards and covers child labor, forced labor, freedom of association, non-discrimination, working hours, unauthorized subcontracting, minimum wages, and safe work environments.

/ The brand requires that suppliers pay a minimum wage and benefits.

/ There is no reported information about a worker’s right to leave/enter work voluntarily, recruitment fees, collective bargaining, stable prices regardless of world price fluctuation, how they ensure workers are paid if they end their relationship with a suppliers, a functioning grievance mechanism, partnerships in place in high-risk areas to rehabilitate child or forced laborers when found, policies that support victims of forced and child labor, lead times, policies protecting migrant workers, or fatigue in their auditing system.

/ Express uses a third party to audit its suppliers but it is unclear who performs the audits or how often they are performed.

/ Express does not communicate any information on their environmental practices.

/ The company has a “(Minus the Leather)” Line available on their website, with 57 items tagged.

/ The brand does report they require suppliers to comply with applicable environmental laws and regulations.

/ Express does not provide any information about having, measuring, or reporting on social and environmental goals to decrease the negative impact of their operations.

/ Express has a partnership with Besa, a non-profit organization that connects people with volunteer opportunities in their community, and through Besa they have worked with 91 different projects in 2014. The volunteer hours come out to under 1,500.

/ Through their partnership with Besa, Express has given nearly $40,000 to local nonprofits in Columbus, Ohio and New York City in 2014.

/ Express reports more than 100 Express associates rode in Pelotonia 2015, raising more than $200,000 for cancer research.

/ The brand has sponsored the following events:

  • Columbus Museum of Art
  • Community Shelter Board
  • NYC Foodbank
  • Wexner Center for the Arts
  • Women’s Fund of Central Ohio

/ There is no reported CSR work to improve the social or environmental impact of the supply chain or the surrounding community.

/ The total compensation for the CEO was $6.8 million in 2014, which includes base salary, short term incentives, and long term incentives.

/ The brand has not reported any investment in innovations.

/ The company won PETA’s PROG award in 2010 for their “(Minus the)” collection, which featured alternatives to fur, leather, and wool for both men and women. It does not appear they are carrying this line any longer.

/ The company has a “(Minus the Leather)” Line available on their website, with 57 items tagged.




“Express: The Bad: No eco-friendly items or sustainable practices. The Meh: Has standards for suppliers; conducts independent audits. My Conclusion: I wasn’t that pumped about Express anymore anyway. So this is just another reason to forget about them.” – 3/19/2012




“This fall, Express introduced the “(Minus the)” line, which features alternatives to fur, leather, and wool for both men and women. According to the company’s own website, “Animal-friendly faux is the new state of cool.” – 10/6/2021

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