Natalie was visiting Shahd in India in the spring of 2013.
They were Global Fellows with Acumen, a non-profit, impact investing fund. While both grew up with a love of fashion, each had witnessed the injustices of poverty abroad and were drawn to careers in civil service and impact.
Natalie was working for a cotton company in Uganda. She saw the immense value in the improved livelihoods of farmers but was shocked their story was not communicated to the end shopper. Wouldn’t you want to know your t-shirt was that awesome?
They traded ideas over a meal: how can we tell the story behind our clothing? Can we empower the farmer, the worker, and the person buying the clothes by connecting them? Can we help an industry, which celebrates identity and beauty, extend that purpose all the way to the garment worker and farmer?
A month later Rana Plaza collapsed.
Not knowing if the cotton the farmers grew ended up in that factory nor if the shirts they had put on that morning had been produced in that factory, they realized that they were wearing injustice on their backs.
We started JUST because we believe that real change can happen through the accumulation of the thoughtful choices you make every day.
With no information, consumers continue to buy fast fashion; incentives stay misaligned; more fast fashion is made; abuses continue. Informed and empowered consumers have the power to transform the fashion industry to an ethical and sustainable one with each purchase.
We believe in true beauty, beauty that transcends the aesthetics of an item and extends to a beautiful story behind it. Our mission is to transform the fashion industry into a transparent, accountable and sustainable system that celebrates the stories, the people and the resources behind the clothing.
Help us change the status quo.


Natalie Grillon, Co-Founder
Shahd AlShehail, Co-Founder
Nouf AlRashed, Creative
Megan O’Malley, Research
Rhea Rakshit, Design


Carlyle Singer, Acumen
Jacqueline Novogratz, Acumen
Dr. Leonardo Bonnani, Sourcemap
Shaiza Rizavi, Gilder, Gagnon, Howe & Co.
Mehrad Yaghmai, Power of Art (Technical Advisor)
Shoshanna Fischhoff, SF STORY LAB (Content & Brand Strategy Advisor)