Style File: #FESTLOVE

Gov Ball this weekend has us here at our NYC office dreaming of fringe, feathers and pom-poms.
Pair a crop top with some cut-off shorts made from that old pair of jeans with the unfortunate rip, buried in a bureau drawer or closet pile. Stack as much jewelry as possible – rings, bangles, necklaces – and pair it all with a big scarf, wrapped in a turban or worn as a headband. The off-the-shoulder dress is another option, which can be worn again for work, beach, or play (just don’t forget the sunscreen! #burn ☀️). And for the first time since high school, or even further back, pompoms go with everything. 👏🏼 👯
For our friends in the southern hemisphere: our apologies 😚. At the very least, you can enjoy these pops of color and join us in your dreams of festivals past. ✨

Pima Doll | This Pima Doll knitted crop top uses 100% pure, natural and hypoallergenic Peruvian pima cotton, grown without chemicals and harvested by hand. Pima Doll knits support a beautiful, traditional craft and its vibrant community of women knitters, and gives 10% of its profits back to the knitters it employs.


Reformation | Made from dead-stock material, the Tennessee Dress by Reformation keeps things ultra cool – not just from you baring your sun kissed shoulders, but also by revealing the CO2, water and waste savings from this piece.


Elina Linardaki | These Elina Linardaki stunners are handmade in Athens, Greece and guaranteed to add enough pop to any outfit to get you festival ready. The brand makes custom made-to-order sandals, shoes and handbags, as well as two collections per year in limited quantities.


Duka | The Furaha Kupendana proverb scarf is made with upcycled kangas from Kenya – extra soft cotton created by a lifetime of sun and sea-salt. We love that each Kanga has a unique ‘wear’ or life story, but be warned that while all major holes have been patched, small holes and spots may be found (!). 


Big Bang | Every Bing Bang piece is made in the U.S.A., handcrafted either in the company’s NYC studio or in Rhode Island. The collection is an expression of authentic craftsmanship and is still produced using the traditional hammer and anvil process.


Brother Vellies | This Brother Vellies bag is made from water buffalo leather with springbok fur on top flap and is handcrafted in a small artisan factory in Capetown, South Africa, in collaboration with Thalia Strates. The brand is committed to transparency with regards to manufacturing and materials, and believe in fair wages set by the artisans themselves, and sourcing materials ethically. 


Tattly | Designed by artist Sean Tulgetske, 80% of each purchase of this temp tattoo “The Craziest Thing We Can Do” goes towards supporting a charity: water initiative. Get ready to get crazy.


Rhea Rakshit

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