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It’s that certain “je ne sais quoi” / “ I woke up like this.” look we’re going for here.

Because sometimes in your life, you get invited to one of those brunches, what we like to call a #pretentiousbrunch sometimes if timed correctly a reverse brunch.  One of these “goings-on” where you spend away a week’s worth of groceries, you wait way too long for a table, you instagram the food, you’re STUFFED at the end, like can’t even walk #foodbaby…

Let’s be honest, if you’re anything like us, you question this cultural practice a bit; the combination of breakfast and lunch should be economizing, no? Quite the opposite, my dear friend. Brunches tend to be twice the everything: 2x the breakfast and lunch in terms of bulk food weight at 2x the price and 2x the length of time.

And  of course, the outfit we wear should be able to be accompanied by a casual “oh, I just threw this on” because it’s just brunch, right? “Morning-after-a-night-out look, don’t over do it, effortless look” is the probably the most difficult.  You’ve got to get up on a Saturday AND get dressed-up.  #firstworldproblems. 

🍸 KIMONO: RECLAIMED VINTAGE  |  SHOES: V41 BY OPFICIO  | BAG: ATELIER DELPHINE (all gone but keep an eye out on their website  |  SUNNIES: ILLESTEVA |  RINGS: A PEACE TREATY 🍸 | for more ideas check out our pinterest board

Please don’t panic. Girl, I got you. Fall is all about the robe as a dress… yes, a dressing gown/bathrobe/kimono thing ROBE as a DRESS. No, no, thank me later - oh ok, yes, ok if you insist, you’re very welcome.

We do think it is important to look effortless here, because everything else is basically excessive. We mixed things up a little from the normal style file - a vintage piece for the fall kimono/dressing robe as a dress look - try a local consignment store, the realreal, ebay or etsy.

It’s ok to spend a little bit more - this robe thing actually does do double-duty (unlike brunch itself): you can wear it as a dress, maybe even professionally if you work in an artsy industry, or wear it at home, as a robe…get it??  Pair it with a clutch or small over the shoulder bag, a clunky heel and either, light jewelry or some funky bangles: pick your poison. Maybe just maybe, if your hair wants to pull it off (aka not pull anything off), throw a hat in the mix. For more inspiration, check out our pinterest board here.

So, we’ll call it like it is - it’s “the #pretentiousbrunch”. Our advice to cut it down a bit:  be a little more conscious with your choices: Eat at a local, organic food spot, suggestions below, and make it an occasional practice;  and, better yet, wear a banging ethical outfit that is helping to make the world a little bit better today.

Some #pretentiousbrunch options for you, mixed in with some solid recommendations from our network to cut it down. You can thank us now :)


Clinton Street Bakery - 2/10 on the pretention scale

Traiteur dubai - 10/10



Handlebar! veggie friendly :):

Cellar Door Provisions (hyper local produce):

Lula Cafe in Logan Square

Little Goat Diner in West Loop

The Publican in West Loop



Tabard Inn (fancy pants)

Birch & Barley (classy but casual)

Vinoteca (class but casual)

Scion (messy bottomless)


SF: need more here- serve us up some options

Mission Beach Cafe



Brooklyn Options=less pretentious

Buttermilk Channel

Cafe Luluc


Ted & Honey

La Vara

Manhattan options= more pretentious

 Jack’s Wife Freda Uninspired choice but so good:

Bagatelle 10/10 super pretentious, we just wanted to acknowledge it.