Compelling • Thought-Provoking • Staggering • A Call to Action

Feelings of embarrassment and shame overwhelmed my mental state upon leaving the screening of Andrew Morgan’s documentary “The True Cost”, a frank betrayal of the perplexing and catastrophic consequences of the fast fashion industry.

What is fast fashion you might ask?

It’s the brisk movement of the season’s latest trends from the catwalk to clothing racks, sometimes in a matter of days. Some stores, such as Forever 21 and H&M, have absolutely mastered this rapid turnover, giving consumers immediate access to not only this month’s latest trends, but even this week’s latest trends, at astonishingly low prices.

Awesome, right? But it comes at a cost.

• A human cost • An environmental cost •

• A cost to the industry that was initially based on individuality, art, and self-expression •

Our society has completely transformed what the fashion industry used to represent - something elite, something special – into a disposable, tasteless & profit-obsessed production line.

Until watching Andrew Morgan’s documentary, I was a large contributor to the fast fashion industry. I mean come on, it’s easy! I could consistently keep up with the latest trends at a low cost, making it an easy, emotionless breakup when the next trend rolled around and it was time to throw last week’s purchases to the back of the closet to make room for this week’s purchases. But this addiction to fast, cheap fashion needs to see an end, and soon. We, as consumers, as shoppers, can make a difference. We can set standards. We can transform an industry. We can start a movement.

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