Let’s start with the most blindingly obvious reason. So glaringly apparent that it will probably singe your eyeballs.

The biggest reason for embracing sustainable fashion is that it helps combat the greatest battle of our generation. I don’t mean to sound dramatic but climate change is a bitch. It’s already getting its knickers in a knot and causing lots of crappy things to happen.

Garments that are made through processes that respect our good old Earth have less of a negative impact on that which sustains us, largely air, water and energy. Smart girls know that if they want to continue to look bangin’ in the future, they need to actually think about the future of the place that gives them life. Unless you own a rocketship and are planning on moving to another habitable planet very soon, it’s definitely food for thought.



Smart girls love sustainable fashion because they know that when they turn up to a party (FYI they’re very popular and get invited to lots of parties because they are so smart) they won’t ever have to worry about being caught out in the same outfit as a fellow hapless partygoer. If you missed the memo, it’s not cool to dress the same as your friends. Or in different colours of the same outfit. It hasn’t been cool since you were about 9.

But smart girls know that sustainable fashion has you covered. Many sustainable fashion brands do smaller runs of a design so there are less of those items in the big wide world. Adjusting, embellishing and redesigning vintage clothing also guarantees a uniqueness that fast fashion just can’t provide.



Smart girls know the secret to happiness isn’t packing your closet so full that actually taking something out could cause an avalanche of clothing to suffocate you. No. Just no. Smart girls know that less stuff equals way less stress. They definitely don’t buy something because it was only $3 and they might JUST find a reason to wear it.  Smart girls only buy quality items of clothing that can serve a diverse number of purposes (i.e. a day at the office, Sunday brunch, a rocket launch party AND a day at the zoo). They’re (like) so smart. Sigh.



Smart girls aren’t rushing to the sales to score as many $10 pairs of jeans as possible. They aren’t buying that really cute dress that looks as though it’s held together with hopes, dreams, unicorns and sunshine and that will fall apart if the wind blows too hard. Oh no, not smart girls.

Smart girls have their calculators on-hand (or they are just really good at mental math) and before making any purchase, they crunch the numbers to work out the cost per wear. What do we mean by this? If a smart girl sees a pair of amaaazing jeans for $200, she immediately calculates how much wear she will get out of them - 3x per week, for three years +, that’s 468 wears minimum, meaning .42 cents per wear. Let’s be real… how many times are you going to be able to wear those $10 jeans? And like… come on… only smart girls know that they will look and feel ten times cooler in the $200 pair of jeans… duh. They buy quality and they buy things that are going to last not just a year, not just a few years, but forever.



Smart girls respect their fellow human beings and, as such, they don’t sacrifice their values to look good. They know that sustainable fashion is fabulous and put time and effort into researching the people behind their clothing. This is a big one. Unfortunately, fashion doesn’t always respect that human beings have certain human rights and forced labour, trafficked labour, poor conditions, low wages, and long hours are part of the daily reality for many. These are actual living, breathing and dreaming people. People that have legs, arms, earlobes, lungs and generally a head, just like you and me. Of course, smart girls already know this and only wear clothing that has been made by those who were treated fairly.

Smart girls are really cool. Be one.